31 October 2011

Short-lived Hiatus

It turns out I still want to write; just not about cancer.  And even that isn’t completely true; I think I will still be happy to write about my cancer experiences here (well, if not exactly happy, at least willing), but in the interests of giving the persistent pest way less airtime, I’m mostly just going to write about my life, what’s happening, what I feel like sharing.  Such as, there was just a subtle but nevertheless audible exhaling of some sort here in my office.  Not an animate sigh, just a gentle, whispery, settling sort of sound.  I did not make this sound.  What did?

Or maybe more interesting things.  

Anyway, with a subtle shift in focus and a rebranding, here I am, back in the cloudy interweb, after really not very much time at all.  Thank you everyone for your outpouring of support after my last post on I Thought I Was Done.  

On the schedule this week: meeting number 2 with ET, class, Dr Specht (and a potential proposal I think she won’t like), horses, home chemistry, and Mom’s turkey dinner as birthday dinner for Ian and me (J), because we’ll be gone for actual T-day this year.  

Will I have anything to say about any of this?