11 March 2013

A Walk in the Local Woods

Spackle and I went to Woodland Park today, to pee in some nature (him) and take some pictures (me). One of the things I'm learning in my life right now is discernment, and so I'd like to point out that, even though there are a LOT of photos here, I weeded a lot out. Take my word for it. 

I love that this bridge, seen like this, doesn't scream "I'm crossing Highway 99!"  

It's a spectacular time of year for moss. 

 Flowering tree. 

 Inexplicably glowing lamp, in the middle of the afternoon. 

 Patriotic birds live here. 

Warty Sentinel.  

 Spackle enjoying his illicit fetch. 

 At Woodland Park, this is a beautiful example of wildlife. In our attic just 2 miles away, it's a rodent.

 I love the swirl of the bark here. 

Close-up of some of the moss.  

 Velvet-covered tree. 

 Cherry buds, hinting at the glory they'll display for one fleeting June weekend. 

 I like how these trees are coupled. 

 Mossy stump. 

Back in the car after a successful parking.