03 June 2012

Too Delectable to Keep to Myself

A sure sign that days are long and summer is approaching is the appearance, in the filtered light of the local forests, of tall canes bearing light orange-colored, blackberry-like berries. These berries, which seem to mimic another local delicacy in tint, are called salmon berries, and one can see the resemblance to fish eggs. Although they can be eaten in their light orange state, they are more enjoyed as they darken to deep red-blacks, individual seed cases rimmed with orange, giving the fruit the appearance, really close in, of molten lava. Then you start to taste the tannins and the sugars, sweet and wine-dark. Ian and I got lucky with salmon berries over at Discovery Park today, and, although I really do think these pictures need to be shared with the world (Hi, Joel!) because of how objectively beautiful they are, I will also be honest and admit that I'm thumbing my nose at you and saying "Nyaa, nyaaa!" Because, you can SEE how lucky I am!


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  1. Yummy. I wonder how the pie crust would be with rum??