23 February 2013

Bringing the Photos Up to Date

I love this stand of trees. It's down on the waterfront at Golden Gardens at Shilshole, in Seattle. I love the space between the trunks. I'd like to swing, monkey-like, through these trees. 

One disappointing thing about photographing dawn in the city is that the mind can ignore the signs of civilization when you're simply observing, but it's impossible to block out the roofline and wires in a picture. Nevertheless, isn't this a spectacular sky to be seen off our side porch?

Get used to it--there are going to be many portraits of Spackle-dog. Here he is in a contemplative moment at Mom's house. 

And here he is in action, fetching a tennis ball, which is Spackle's delight. 

Early in January we had a visit from Tessa and Sadie, the Jerome Creek dogs. It was like having friends stay over. Licky, goofy, willful friends. Tessa was on her best behavior and ate nothing she was not supposed to. Sadie slept on the people bed in the guest room instead of on her bed, but Spackle has slept on the people bed at her house. 

Tessa, portrait by Ian Taylor.

Sadie, caught in a moment of repose. 

Oooh--exciting! Evening piddle walk in the city! With leashes!

Still life of dining room window display. 

What appears to be a massive explosion, but is actually a late-January sunset, as seen from our living room. 

Same sunset, playing with focus. This is the dogwood Friend S gave me as a bridal shower gift. 

One of the joys of living with Ian is that he occasionally spends a weekend creating something delicious. He's recently begun baking bread again, after a several-year hiatus. First loaf back: baguette! Cutting board decorated by Friend S.

Father and Dog, snoozing in the basement. 

Bat-eared Spackle getting ready for a nail trim. Photo taken by Ian Taylor. 

Spackle breaking in our new Persian rug. 

I took several pictures of him rolling around, rubbing his back and his jowls and his ears, and maybe someday I'll figure out how to turn them into a video. Or Ian will, if I beg. 

Dog and father.

Dog and Muzzer. Photo taken by Ian Taylor.

Adolescent bald eagle seen at Discovery Park.

Artistic shot of flowers in winter.

Spring is on the way!

Spackle has a new name tag!

I love, LOVE all the bare branches at this time of year. 

Last year's cones, and this year's cones. 

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  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful pics of your beautiful dog and his buddies. More of them anytime please.
    PS: I guess I am not the only one wishing that those pics would also show Hoover...