06 April 2013

Spring Has Sprung!

We've had a couple of pretty gorgeous spring days here in the Northwest, and I've been lucky enough to get to capture some of the beauty. March was a month of intense physical labor for me--I repainted rooms and ceilings and washed and touched up trim (with the help of a cousin one day, which was a welcome relief), and spent a lot of time either on my knees or with my arms straight above my head. I have many aches and pains right now, and am thinking that the next time we paint, years from now, I might just hire it done. Because, I'll be 50 then. Yep, we'll be hiring painters. 

I have enjoyed meandering around with my camera, now that the heat of home improvement has lessened for the time being. Someday I'll post pictures of our house in its new clothes, but for now, FLOWERS!

 The day I took the previous two pictures Ian and I ran into someone else *also* with camera, also marveling at the glory of blue and pink. We all gushed together about our good luck.

 Japanese maple just unfurling. 

 This beautiful thing lives in our yard. It's a manzanita. Aren't we lucky?

Dog of the Manzanita. Ian took this shot. 

Past the peak of cherry blossom season. 

 Spackle enjoying an afternoon at the park. 

 Illicit fetch. Woodland Park was crawling--or rather, leaping and racing--with illicit fetchers today. 

I just love the color of this. 


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