15 September 2013

Lightning Fast!

The Seattle area has had some spectacular, mid-Western plains-style thunder and lightning storms recently, and this evening we've been enjoying another.  That is, we're enjoying it now that Ian has landed safely at SeaTac after a week of fish mathing in Boise (because Idaho has salmon that swims all the way in from the ocean). He said the lightning was scary to see from the plane. Yes.

That is, also, I am enjoying it. Spackle is not so sure (he says, hiding at my feet under the dining room table).

Anyway, the sky's been doing interesting things, so I took my camera and went outside, hoping to catch an afterglow or something. Several of the lightning bolts have been multipart--the sky lights up, then immediately lights up again--and I was thinking that if I had my camera at the ready, I might be able to capture one of those "again"s.

No way. Not even remotely. I move not even as fast as a sloth when I'm compared to lightning. I am laughably slow. "Oh . h . h .h . h . th . e . r . e . g . o . e . s . . . . o . n . e . . . . " as my creaking arms raise the camera in slo-mo.

I did, at least, manage to see a pretty awesome bolt blaze out of the sky above east Queen Anne and smite, I'm pretty sure, a houseboat along western Lake Union.


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