06 March 2014

Spring Close-ups

This is a pumpkin that, until a couple days ago, had been sitting on our kitchen counter since last fall. Clearly, the composting process has begun. We're going to bury it in our pumpkin berm, and see what happens. 

This is my Honorary Hoover Dogwood, which is just beginning to come out of hibernation. 

Daffodil from our street-side bed. Fourteen years ago I moved into this house, and daffodils from the yard were my first floral decorations.  

I think we purchased this thinking it was a Christmas Cactus, but clearly it's closer to an Easter Cactus. 

New buds on a plant given to me as a shower gift 13 years ago. I'm so fascinated by the translucence, and the tiny, sticky-looking hairs. 

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