24 September 2014

Full Speed Ahead . . .

People around here--the Seattle area, that is--keep making surprised noises about how quickly our home project is moving along. My grandmother asked yesterday if they work when we're not there--and YES, is the resounding answer. On Sunday afternoon before we came back down, I took a couple pictures, from above, of Ian playing his carcordian in the future cellar. This morning, two days later, they're framing the main floor walls. Never again will we be able to look down into the basement (knock on wood!). Astonishing!

Pictures from Burke from the last two days and this morning now posted here, at the end of the list.

1 comment:

  1. These new pictures bring back a lot of memories from our construction ten years ago. The high beams and earthquake hardware are quite familiar.You will need lots of photos of the interior walls before the wallboard goes up.
    Keep up the excellent documentation.