28 October 2014

Visualization Request

If you did not receive this email already, then, thank you for reading! And please consider joining the visualization . . .

Hello, my dear friends and family: 

About a year ago I went in for Gamma Knife at Harborview Medical Center (my 3rd time?). This treatment focuses gamma rays on specific lesions in my brain, allowing the lesions to be treated with very few side effects. It's a finite experience, ideally painless (the first year I needed an extra squirt of lidocaine in my forehead as they were screwing in the "halo"), plus I get some Ativan and a sedative. Also, the barbarity of the apparatus appeals to my sense of humor, in a way that chemotherapy has never done. Fun times! 

Last year, I asked many of you to visualize cascades flowing freely out of my brain, draining all unnecessary fluid and keeping the inflammation down. This worked really well--I had to pee like a race horse for about 3 days afterward. Thank you all for your kind assistance. 

This Thursday, October 30, I am scheduled for Gamma Knife again, and I would like to ask for your visualization assistance again, but with a difference: I would like you to picture my brain healthy and free from lesions. 

It doesn't matter if you believe or not that your visualization will have any effect. You don't need to do anything to prepare for it. It doesn't need to happen a lot, nor for a long time--a moment will do. You do not need to participate. 

In my mind's eye, my healthy brain glows with a coppery light--gold and pink and bright, swirling and flowing around. When you think of me this week, all I ask is that you picture my coppery, glowing, healthy brain. 

Thank you. 


note: One thing I wanted to clarify: You don't need to think of me Thursday morning; any time you think of me this week, you can picture my healthy brain. Timing--linear timing--doesn't matter at all.

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