30 March 2015


Ready to Party!

Our Wallingford house closed last Friday, 27 March, and this afternoon around 2:30pm, just as I arrived in the Copse to spend some time in this GORGEOUS spring weather, I got an email from Fidelity saying that a wire transfer had come through. 

It all worked! We have washed our hands of Seattle! For those interested, since this is in the public record now I will share amounts: we listed at $685K, had 4 offers, and went with our favorite (which was not the cash offer), and the house sold for $738K. 

We love the new owners, and they love the house (and have already met three of the four neighbors we took 15 years to meet . . . and, indeed, the only ones we knew the names of). 

Our House Cooling Party on Valentine's Day was highly successful! I have to say, though, when did everyone find the time to acquire toddlers??? View pictures of the event here, with the long suffering Torpid in attendance (as a seat). 

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