31 May 2015

First Boating of the Season

We successfully launched our little boat last Monday--all plugs were tightly screwed in *before* entering the water this time--and today we went for a short outing to Jones Island for lunch, swinging by the ferry terminal for sandwiches on our way. SO LOVELY.

That's our little blue boat on the right.

Someone on a buoy.

Picnic on Jones!

Such a sweet old man. Spackle, too. 

Spackle did a short bit of salty-dog fetching, and needed Ian to scratch his wet butt. 

And then he could scratch his wet butt himself. 

It was all too much for Ian. 

HOME!!! (that's pretty outrageous, really)


  1. This is AMAZINGLY awesome. Wait, is that where you dock your boat?

  2. Your house looks so grand! I can't wait to wander its rooms with a glass of wine and flowing scarf (note to self: acquire flowing scarf).

  3. Wow, if I were a local resident, I would be thrilled to have a house like yours around to admire and to push up my own property value. Great geometry, great visual interest on a multitude of scales, great colors and flow with the landscape. Impressive and thoroughly satisfying!