04 June 2014

Day of Restored Abundance

 Some of this restoration I did myself:

In process: 5-year-old cedar decking, never been sealed, covered with mold and algae and, in typical Seattle weather, slick as snot (as my mother likes to put it), and dangerous for a nonagenarian dog with a limp and severely compromised limbs. He's an amazing dog, is Spackle. What I used to clean the deck: Simple Green (couple tablespoons at a time in a small bucket of water), a stiff-bristled plastic scrub brush, a hose, and elbow grease--my own, probably 6 hours' worth over two days. 


Done! The finish I used seemed to be, essentially, watered-down Elmer's glue. It had a vaguely pumpkiny smell. I used one gallon, down to the last available drop, and I finished 10 minutes before Spackle's appointment, and I was only 3 minutes late to the vet (which is not usually, and wasn't today, late at all at our vet).  

Too bad we won't be able to use this deck EVER AGAIN. All we can do now, until we sell the house, is look at it from the kitchen porch. 

The other two major restorations today had some skilled outside assistance in their rebirths.

My camera came home this afternoon from its lengthy post-Cabo Verde spa vacation, its interstices degritted and its exterstices newly smooth and black again. My phone camera, which took the pictures in this post, will be re-relegated to primarily taking snapshots of Spackle flagrantly flouting city laws, off-leash and swimming at Gas Works park.  

And poor Nublu: freshly fixed up and spa-ed herself after some tipsy bully Acura SUV scraped her side and lamed her, as she rested next to the curb at home. She, at least, is ready to move to the country!

Nice legs! Oh, I mean, look at that filth and those scratches! OUCH!


All better! I was worried, from the way the bed was tilting after that tire came off (!), that serious damage had been done to the drive shaft (is that a thing?) or axle of this brand new (not even 5,000 miles and a first oil change yet), planning-to-have-for-twenty-plus-years, super cute and fun to drive, pick-up truck. But everything checked out, and she was totally fun to drive back home. 

Three big things like new again!

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