24 June 2014

Fundraising Announcement

Hello Readers--

I'm a bit uncomfortable with this post, and I don't expect to ask you to give money for anything else (well, certainly I don't expect to ask you to give money for lots and lots of other things, but one thing maybe--you never know), but this particular cause is close to our hearts (or our hips).

Years ago, when Spackle was less than a year old, he had surgeries on both his hips, to correct what was going to become severe dysplasia and, potentially, severe crippling, later in life--like, age ten or so.

Last year, as a 12-year-old dog who was still remarkably mobile because of his early hip repairs, I noticed him gradually becoming more and more stiff, and less and less active.

In both cases, one of the main answers to helping Spackle regain his structural health and rebuild healthy muscle, was Sheila Wells, and Wellsprings K-9.

Sheila and her associates work primarily in a warm, jetted pool, offering carefully monitored endurance training and lots of in-water massage for animals. She has found the pool to be a comfort for animals other than dogs, including a rabbit she saw for a few visits years ago when Spackle was a pup; a rabbit who could no longer hop on land, but relearned and rebuilt the necessary muscle by being suspended in warm water.

As things go, however, Sheila's been doing this for at least a couple decades, and the building and equipment are needing updates far costlier than she can afford. An unusual, valuable, and useful skill does not always translate into enough money for necessary upgrades.

And so, to find funds, Sheila and her associates have begun a campaign on Indiegogo.

Please consider helping Sheila upgrade her equipment, so that she can continue to serve the canine world in her unique way.

Thank you,
Calin (& Spackle)

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