28 December 2014

DeLIGHTful Orcas Home

We arrived on our land last night around 5:30pm, therefore seemingly in the middle of the night. Unbeknownst to us before our arrival, Burke and the team had placed a small tree on the pinnacle of our cupola and lit it up with white lights. Ian and I both teared up at the beauty, but also at the sweetness of the gesture. There was no need for this, but it is utterly delightful, and, for us, a much-appreciated and completely unexpected gift in the middle of a season that has been over-packed with Life Experiences. We're here for a week, and hope to ring in the New Year with a toast to each other in our new home (maybe at Central Time New Year--see above "over-packed", etc.).

Happy New Year, everyone, if I don't post again this trip (but I might), and enjoy the latest pictures here. 

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