09 December 2014

Photo Update

This shot, which I love, aims directly from our bed to our toilet. 

I learned last weekend, in the short, 2-night visit and beginning of the move into the guest house where we will be staying, full-time starting this spring--until the house is finished--and during any island visits until then--that two nights are not enough. Three nights minimum is my plan from here on out.

If you're confused by the timing discussed in the above paragraph, I'm here to tell you: Rightly so.

We feel a bit like we're on a pilgrimage, and that each lodging along the way is readying us to be absolutely thrilled when we're finally HOME. Years ago, we started with a tent. Then we built the Dacha (as I'm wont to say, glorified camping until the first major fly infestation, and from then on a really sucky house). In November I rented a drafty, smoky, tiny beach shack for a week, where I had electricity and an indoor toilet and a straight shot out to North Beach but, drafty, smoky. Now we're in the small home where we'll stay until HOME is finished, and it's even better--electricity, indoor plumbing, mostly furnished (but we're bringing my piano and our guest bed), a much better-appointed kitchen than the beach shack (although missing some strange items--I mean, strangely missing some very necessary items, such as spoons--there are two teaspoons for eating, and that's it, but about 20 bowls) . . . but it's small compared to a house, and it's someone else's (I haven't rented in 15 years), and, well, you know.

At the moment, we sort-of have four homes, including the one in-progress, the Hogan House (which is the name of the guest house we're renting), the Dacha, and Taylor Wallingford. If I haven't responded to something you've emailed me about recently, it's because your note, like so many other parts of my life right now, is somewhere in the tornado of details.

And, that's all the time I have to spend on this right now! BUT, I remembered!

Here is the time-lapse video link!: http://youtu.be/YoppvgZS9zs

And new photos are posted!

These horses are TIRED!

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