14 April 2015

Grammy and Grumpy Come to Visit

We had a great walk, all five of us, from the new house up the 1/2 mile to the Copse, and all the way back again. We got the 4-Runner stuck in the mud trying to drive this route in June a few years back, and we are well aware that the ground is still a soggy mess now in early April. It does, mostly, support human weight and dog weight. 

My parents came to visit for a couple nights this weekend (they stayed at the Blue Heron 3 doors down, which is for sale, by the way, if you'd like to run an Orcas B&B), and my mother, true to form, loaded the Corolla to the rafters with soups and pastries for the freezer, and three big porch pots of flowers, tomatoes, herbs and greens. I love my mother very much indeed, but too much interaction between the two of us in small Hogan--for instance, if she were to stay for several nights to help with the dishes and the ancient dog--would end with tears and frustration on both sides. Several delicious meals that she's prepared--loving me all the time she's been slaving over her chopping block--that we can heat up at a moment's notice, saving ourselves hours of labor, is the perfect thoughtful and nurturing gift. Particularly when they're delivered by Mom and Marsh together, who are a delight.

Small sign of life in the prairie.

What a handsome guy. 


Two handsome guys.

We didn't all have quite the same stamina for the long circuit through wet fields.

Mom and Dog. 

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