04 April 2015


Ian and I were finishing lunch outside the Dacha today when a bald eagle flew leisurely overhead and began slowly circling above us.

We stood, eyes on the skies, and watched, enraptured, as it wheeled around against the deep blue and fluffy white of April on Orcas.

"The moment you step away from the computer and outside, there's this beauty," said Ian with a touch of awe. I agreed, damp-eyed with patriotism at the noble vision.

We watched in silence for a bit more, then I mused "You know, it's interesting that our national symbol of pride . . ." and Ian cut in, " . . . is a scavenger? Sure," he went on, "it can grab a live fish out of the waves, but it's just as happy pecking at a dead spawning salmon, rotting on the riverbank."

God Bless America.

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