02 July 2014

Big Hole!

As you know from reading about our recent boating experience, we were on Orcas this last weekend. We heard some mumbles of disappointment from the community about the giant hole in the ground and the huge piles of dirt, but that's to be expected. We have also heard unambiguous support, and not solely from the craftsmen whom our build (and those of other newcomers) allows to earn enough to stay in the islands. And it's true; from the water, it is clear that our home is going to change the appearance of the hamlet . . . but we are, not completely naively, confident that it will enhance, rather than otherwise, that appearance.

Not until it's done, though.

Ah well, we have a giant hole! We might as well enjoy it! (which we did!)

Careful, old blind Spackle! (seriously, he bee-lined right for the upper corner)

Footing forms for cellar/tower

The excavator did a supremely talented job of carving out varying levels of the house. The shelves seen here are under our porches, and will help support the piers holding up the porch. Better to put those on ground that's been compacted for decades, instead of on backfill. 

Looks so modest from this angle, which is looking west up the hill. The daylight basement opens out toward us, and the 1 car garage will be pretty much where that wheelbarrow is. 

More footing frames, including a super-wide platform to hold up, someday, a retaining wall which will, someday beyond that, have a frame holding a retired Crystal Mountain lift chair as a swing (!). 

Evidence that this field has not always been grass--several large, slowly decaying roots from firs or cedars. Also, you may notice that we have a bare skin of topsoil. Makes it really easy to excavate, and all the topsoil removed from the hold has been reserved, so someday our garden plot may have 12 inches of soil instead of just six. 


And, unrelated to Big Digs, Spackle needs to have his nails trimmed. 

From what I hear, they're pouring footings today!

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  1. I love seeing the Big Hole. This is going to be fun to watch. And it brings back a lot of memories of watching my parents house being built in the 1970s.