30 July 2014

Forms Nearly Formed . . .

Our bunker is almost done being set out. The forms are almost completely up and bolted or whatever they do, the inspector has been by, and the hope is that tomorrow there will be a line of cement trucks chugging and brrRRRrrring down Crow Valley Road, to dump 50 yards of cement into our 10-foot-tall forms. My family had a 3-yard dump truck for some time when I was a kid. Almost 17 of those loads!

I'm at the Orcas Library in Eastsound right now, taking advantage of the free WiFi before an appointment in town here, and I see that I've got about 10 minutes before I have to be in my car, so I'll try to throw some pictures up here tout-suite:

NOTE: Pics not coming quickly. Will have to try another time. But at least there is written proof that things are moving along!

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