23 July 2014

Driveway Roughed In!

It's a day of rain on Orcas as well as the rest of the Puget Sound Region today, but it doesn't sound like we've had major landslides there, and according to Burke, it's a warm rain, so they're paddling around, doing their work.

Ian and I will be up again late Friday night to have a meeting Saturday morning with Burke and Sage together, and then Ian will fly back Sunday evening and Spackle and I will stay another week (I hope the rains go away!).

This morning's pictures from Burke:

You can see from the dimness of this picture that it's not a bright, sunshiny day on Orcas today. 

I've been told that the garage *will* have an open space, through which to drive the car. 

Friend L requested a "perspective" picture, with Spackle in the octagon or something. This is the best I have for perspective *in* the building at this point--Spackle near the octagon. 

Gratuitous shot of Spackle in the speckled sunlight of the Copse

Here's some perspective of the land: I am in our Woodlot, a small stand of alders that I am "parking out": sawing down trees to leave no less than 4 feet between the remaining ones, and clearing blackberry vines and canes, wild rose, and various less-pokey vegetation. This stand of trees is not, quite, as far away from the house as one can get and still be on our property. But it's far! You can see, in the dim distance at the top of the grass a tiny patch of white that is the sun glinting off the plastic-covered hills of dirt. 

Here I've zoomed in (amazing camera), and you can see the plastic-covered hills, but also you can see, on the left, a hint of the northern edge of the Olympic Mountains, which we will see from our bedroom. (!)

Before picture (well, before I started on the 10th of July) of the type of tangle I'm untwisting. 

An after shot, with piles of vegetation. 

More afters, more piles. 

The Great Spirit inhabits my little woods. 

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